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<엄마의 말하기 연습> 밀키베이비 x 한빛미디어 책 홍보 웹툰 4편 Milkybaby 4 webtoon for promoting the bestselling book

베스트셀러, <엄마의 말하기 연습>을 홍보하기 위한 콜라보 일러스트를 제작하였습니다. 책에 나온 예시 뿐 아니라 저의 육아 경험을 담아, 총 5편의 인스타툰을 만들어 업로드했고, 큰 호응을 얻었습니다.

Bestselling Book, <Mom's speaking practice> is a book to introduce the way of conversation which makes child's mind wisely and is made to child with high self-esteem. I made 5 series of comic strips with my experience, and had lots of feedbacks from mothers.

1st Episode. 화내는 엄마가 되고 싶지 않다면? 이렇게 바꿔봐요!

First Episode ©Kim Woo Young

Sketch for 1st Episode ©Kim Woo Young

You can see the rest of episodes in Milkybaby Instagram

©Kim Woo Young

Work date : Jun - July 2018

Hanbit media Publishing company

©Kim Woo Young

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