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<엄마의 심야책방> 표지 일러스트 Book Cover illustration - Mom's midnight bookstore

Cover illustration by Kim woo young

<Mom's midnight bookstore : 엄마의 심야책방 > is book curation book for mothers who really want to read good books after babies fall asleep.

The keywords for this book cover, I choose #midnight #bookshelves #travelwithbooks #rest #connecttooutside #metime

First Sketches

1. Midnight mood

I drew to fantasize the scene that mom put a child in bed, and read a book.

2. Famous Japanese drama, Midnight Diner concept I tried to capture the feel of the shop that curated the book.

3. Focused book shelves & Mom I emphasized that mothers can learn about the outside world through books.

And publisher and me decided the first one, and developed

concept sketch ©kimwooyoung

concept sketch ©kimwooyoung

Final Product, the book published!

Work date : May 2018

Publisher : Double:en



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