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카카오미니 프로모션 일러스트레이션 by 밀키베이비 Family illustration for KakaoMini by Milkybaby

from kakaomini homepage

What is KakaoMini? KakaoMini is a smart speaker applied the Kakao Total AI platform. The device can be connected with Kakaotalk (a messaging app is the most used in Korea) and Melon (music player app of Kakao). Users can send the messages by saying ‘Hey Kakao’ and listen the music. Users can also check their schedules, news, stock prices, fortune telling, and etc by voice.

Promotion illustration with KakaoMini

Purpose of the illustration is to show that KakaoMini is the family-friendly device, especially it helps kids to play while parents rest. First illustration depicts Milky enjoy dancing with music from KakaoMini, so that mom can rest. Second one explains KakaoMini's mistake makes laughter in the nervous situation.

Acrylic on Paper

Worked in 2017



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