Artwork of Milkybaby

The themes of my artwork are Motherhood, ecology and joy of family life. 

What I do

  • Children's book

  • Promotion illustration

  • Art workbook for Kids
  • Digital Art Project for public

My dream


SamsungDS ∙ ∙ Four Points Sheraton ∙Naver ∙ Kakaomini ∙ 

RHK ∙ Woongjin ∙ Bebesup ∙ Tourism Authority of Thailand ∙  

Macao government tourism office  ∙ Hyundai research institute  ∙ Happy point app  ∙ Hanbit Media ∙ Issac ∙ Korean government 

Small Drawings

Small but bright ideas in my sketches.

Come by and see!


Paper animation

Stopmotion animation of Milkybaby

It's a ​Piece of creative experimentation!

paper cut _ halloween