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​이상한 나라의 SNS

다년간 UX디자이너로 일하면서 의문이 있었다. 장점만큼 커다란 단점도 가진 SNS를 인간적이고 윤리적인 방향으로 디자인할 수는 없을까? 그러려면, SNS사용자의 핵심인 청소년들의 사용 행태와, 진짜 목소리를 들어야 했다. 청소년 연구자들을 아뜰리에게 초대해서, 실무에서 써왔던 비주얼 씽킹의 방법으로 "이상한 나라에서 통용될 것 같은 SNS"를 상상하고, 설계하고, 디자인 해보기로 했다. 


SNS의 영향력이 비대해진만큼, 조금 더 윤리적이고 인간적인 방향으로 진화할 수는 없을까? 아마도 기업이 소유하고, 운영하는 이상 이 궤도를 벗어날 수 없을지도 모르지만, 희망적인 “상상”을 해볼 수 있다. 예술의 힘으로.

I wanted to envision a different SNS that real teenagers want and imagine. This process will be an exciting and rare art experience, transitioning from a passive service user to an active creator.

2. sns in wonderland milkybaby.JPG
2. sns in wonderland milkybaby 3.jpeg

Selected as an art educator at Seoul Arts Learning Center to provide art education for teenagers!

I'm still unfamiliar with the importance of process over results. But, this process-oriented creation will be an opportunity to look back on our lives. 

What do GenZ think about social media? In the first design workshop, We came up with ideas for planning with UX methods used in practice. Marketing and algorithms that make teens consume are perceived as teens. We decided to try a design that makes more use of the strengths of each SNS and offsets the shortcomings.


Teenagers who started drawing and designing in earnest! We imagined each service based on the plan of the last time, sketched it out on a worksheet and presented it. I designed actual app mockups based on their SNS sketches that fully reflected the concerns and interests of teenagers.

We decided to bring out the problems of SNS, stop planning to solve them, and go in the direction of creating the desired SNS. The real imagination began.

스크린샷 2022-10-31 오전 11.25.53.png

[SNS in Wonderland] What if we could shift our thinking from passive app users through this art project to active users who think about the functions of our apps and explore the possibility of change? So I created an imaginary app maker site!

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