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저와 함께 드로잉을 시작해 보세요. 쉽게 드로잉을 시작할 수 있도록, 20일 동안 매일매일, 주제와 팁이 담긴 메일을 보내드립니다. 

Join the 20 day drawing challenge and get an automatic email EVERY day for 20 days with a creative prompt. Help to support Milkyababy to launch another art projects with you during these tough times Please allow 24 hours for the first email to be sent.

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Arts Class for Kids

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Be a Creator!

Kids Art Class with Milkybaby author

We learn how to strengthen creativity.

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Picture book DIY

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It's a printable picture book template that you can make it by yourself! The picture book is about virus prevention guidelines and you can do it with your Kids.